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The Potential Dangers Associated with Over the Counter Acne Soap

Posted at April 8th, 2021 | Categorised in Acne Product

Most individuals do not realize it, but there are several potential dangers associated with over-the-counter acne soap. Acne is a skin complication that stems from blocked pores.

Extreme oil productions in the skin, dead cells, as well as bacteria are common culprits for the blemish development associated with acne. There are many products that are marketed that advertise eliminating various forms of debris from the skin and encouraging new cell growth.

Acne Soap

Acne Soap

These products include creams, lotions, facial cleaners, and acne soap. Throughout this guide, you will discover the negative consequences associated with using soaps sold over-the-counter that claim to cure acne.


If you are attempting to eliminate acne, it is important to understand that you must go a bit deeper than the skin. While it is true that the blemishes are the part of the problem that you see, and likely the part that frustrates you the most, the true complication lies below the surface of the blemishes.

Many studies have been conducted on individuals suffering from the effects of acne. In most all cases, it has been found that the sufferers have an extremely high level of toxicity in the body.

While acne soap sold in stores promises to eliminate the external blemishes, many do not realize that the chemicals contained in the products could actually enhance the amount of internal toxicity that is occurring and result in future outbreaks that could be more severe.

Acne Soap

Acne Soap

By using acne soap that contains chemicals, you are increasing the chance that your skin will absorb those chemicals and make the problem worse in the long run.


In addition to increasing the chemical levels in your body, acne soaps that contain harsh chemicals also have the capability of causing you many other uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms stem directly from the chemicals that are contained in the cleanser. The following outlines just some of the many uncomfortable problems that you may develop:

  • Many chemicals contained in acne soap that is sold over-the-counter have the capability of depressing the nervous system. As a result of this depression, it is not uncommon for symptoms such as dizziness, gastrointestinal issues, and even severe fluctuations of the blood pressure to occur.
  • Many individuals have been known to suffer from respiratory complications such as breathing problems and direct lung irritation after using OTC acne soap.
  • Many different types of soaps have the capability of irritating the eyes and causing severe issues with pain and vision complications.
  • Once OTC acne soap is used, many find that their skin becomes severely dry and is unable to maintain any degree of moisture.
  • For numerous individuals, consistent exposure to the toxic chemicals contained in acne soap has the capability of resulting in muscle complications such as involuntary movements, pain, and loss of control.


While it may be tempting to use over-the-counter acne soap in order to eliminate acne, it is important to understand that there are many harsh chemicals contained in the products. These chemicals not only have the capability of making your acne worse, but they also have the capability of impacting your overall health in a negative manner.

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