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Blue Light Therapy :: Side Effects Of Blue Light Therapy

Posted at April 7th, 2021 | Categorised in Acne Treatment

Blue Light Therapy – Light therapy has actually been around for quite a while. Clinical research has come to the conclusion that this light therapy really does work. Light has already been used to affect nature for many years.

For example, most greenhouses utilize lights within the upper red and blue spectrum to help speed up the growth of plants and keep them healthy.

Aquariums will probably use UV lights inside the tank and filters to keep the water free from bacteria and maintain the health of the fish. It is also known that moderate exposure to the sun helps to improve the acne or even clear it up.

Blue Light Therapy is not Recommended for All Types of Acne

Emerging methods to help treat acne will include the use of light therapies and lasers. The most well-known method of treatment is blue light therapy. The skin will be exposed to high- intensity, narrow- band blue light source that will kill the bacteria which are causing the acne.

The procedure is painless and can be used as well in treating inflamed acne which has not responded to different therapies. Of all the laser and light therapies, the blue light therapy is the most widely used at the moment.

This treatment is appropriate for a person who has inflammatory acne. However, for those who have nodular or cystic acne this treatment will not benefit them and could possibly make it worse.

The blue light therapy treatment itself is relatively easy and quick. A patient will either lie down or sit during treatment, and for about 30 minutes a light source will be placed near their face.

No discomfort or pain is experienced during the light source exposure, and after the treatment they can carry on with normal routines straight away. A treatment will be repeated weekly for a few weeks until the best possible results are attained.

Maintenance treatments will be recommended to maintain results. The amount of treatments varies and depends on how severe the acne is.

Blue Light Therapy is not a Cure-All

Blue light therapy will have several benefits for the sufferer. The treatment is painless and the therapy sessions are relatively short. The light will not emit UV rays, and therefore it is not considered to potentially cause cancer.

Side effects can also be mildly experienced with this light therapy treatment. Some pigmentation changes can occur on the skin but are normally temporary. The areas that have been treated could also experience some inflammation and become quite dry.

It must be realized that this is not a cure-all for acne. Some people will see significant improvements while others will see transient, minor clearing. Effective treatment generally results in acne being reduced by 50%.

There are several different strategies being used by individuals that are suffering from acne. Blue light therapy is popular because of the fact that it is different than most acne treatments.

However, more and more acne sufferers are starting to discover that this acne treatment is not as effective as they once believed. The reason is because of the fact that the therapy does not get to the origin of the problem; it merely covers up the complications associated with the problem.

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