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How to Prevent Acne :: Best Way How to Prevent Acne

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how to prevent acneA pimple is a tiny skin lesion or inflammation of a person’s skin. These pimples are usually caused by a clogged or infected pore. It might appear as a deeper lump (cyst or nodule) on a person’s face, neck, back, chest or even sometimes on the shoulders. Severe acne, though, could have an effect on numerous facets of any person’s life, causing severe stress and embarrassment.

An acne cyst is a severe form of acne that might rupture and cause a scar. This could then affect the sufferer on a psychological level. It is no fun having a skin that is full of zits and pimples as it could significantly limit the social life of the sufferer.

Acne is not a disorder that is life threatening, but the psychological impacts of acne could be rather profound as it will affect any visible part of a sufferer’s body. If the person’s acne is severe, it is best to visit a qualified dermatologist to find out the best option to take. There are steps one can take in how to prevent acne from getting worse.

How to Prevent Acne:  Eating the Correct Foods

Acne and pimples are sometimes hard to get rid of if the person has a predisposition to a problem skin. However, if they eat a healthy diet and keep to a healthy regime the problem can be mitigated to a certain degree.

How to Prevent Acne

How to Prevent Acne

There is certainly no harm in choosing the right foods and staying healthy. To be able to have a skin that is problem free, a body must have good supplies of nutrients and oxygen and waste that is removed on a regular scale.  Acne can be prevented by eating the following foods:

  • Water: Keeping a body hydrated from the inside will help to keep the skin looking young and healthy. This is a refreshing and healthy approach in how top prevent acne. Skin cells probably rejoice when the water is pure and clean. This does not include liquids such as soda, coffee or soup.
  • Green Tea (Organic): Green tea is rich in catechins, an anti inflammatory chemical that helps in combating free radicals as well as preventing fine lines.
  • Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural food that is also an important beauty aid. Yogurt can be applied onto the face each morning, left on for a while, and then washed off with some cold water. This helps in keeping the complexion fresh, smooth and healthy. Lemon juice and yogurt mixed together is perfect for softening the hands.
  • Olive Oil: Olive and sesame oil both have good fatty acids which are essential for a person’s health. Cell membranes are composed of fats and help in nourishing the skin.
  • Whole Wheat Bread, Brazil Nuts and Cereals: Eggs, fish, meat, cereals and nuts all contain selenium, with Brazil nuts being the richest source. Healthy skin and skin cells thrive on selenium.
  • Walnuts: Walnuts have high levels of omega 3 oils. This is a powerful antioxidant which keeps the skin flexible and plump. Omega 3 oils can also be found in flaxseed oil and oily fish, like salmon.
  • Dairy Products (Low-Fat): Vitamin A is an important component of the health of skin. Skin cells are dependent on Vitamin A for keeping healthy.
  • Berries: Cranberries, raspberries and blueberries have high concentrations of phytochemicals which protect skin cells. Preserved or frozen fruit will not give the same result, though.
  • Watermelon: Some people rub their face with watermelon rind. The fruit pulp is an excellent exfoliant while watermelon is also rich in Vitamin C, A and B. The fruit is also water-rich which naturally hydrates the skin, while the massaging action stimulates lymphatic drainage.
  • Lemon Juice: This is a natural bleach that can also fade freckles and sunspots. Troubled skin can be exfoliated by rubbing a little bit of granulated sugar and lemon over the area. Be cautious of a skin that is too sensitive.

How to Prevent Acne:  Practicing Correct Hygiene Habits

For acne prevention to be effective the correct treatments in how to prevent acne must be used, as well as practicing correct hygiene habits. Oily hair can definitely aggravate acne, and oily products like hair spray should be avoided.

Hair should be kept away from the forehead, face, shoulders and neck to help prevent acne. Using a ‘noncomedogenic’ cosmetic will not cause blackheads or clog pores, and a ‘non acne genic’ cosmetic will not cause pimples.

A topical treatment to prevent acne breakouts can be used instead of merely spot-treating existing pimples and blackheads. Washing the skin with a cleanser or mild soap and warm water is advised up to twice daily.

Scrubbing the skin too frequently or too hard can worsen the acne situation, and could promote scarring from rupturing the cysts under the skin and increasing the inflammation, thus causing the bacteria to spread.

Picking on blackheads and pimples should always be avoided as it could permanently scar the skin. Stressful situations should also try to be avoided. Sometimes just thinking of ways in how to prevent acne and to get rid of it can make everything seem worse, and talking to a professional or family and friends can help someone to feel better and not so alone.

Acne is actually a very common skin condition that can affect a person of any age. Exercising on a regular scale can also help in reducing stress. Hot and humid environments should all be avoided, such as gyms, hot kitchens or even tropical climates. Loose fitting clothes should be worn whenever possible, avoiding friction caused by straps, helmets, handbags or backpacks.

How to Prevent Acne

How to Prevent Acne

Sweat will combine with the oils of the skin, trapping bacteria and dirt in the pores. This will cause pimples and blackheads. Showering soon after working out or sweating profusely is therefore advised as another approach in preventing acne. Cosmetic brushes should be regularly cleaned in warm, soapy water.


As you can see, there are several steps that you may take to successfully prevent acne. While the steps contained in this guide are considered to be highly effective, it is important to know and understand that the most important step to prevent future outbreaks and eliminating current outbreaks is to address the problem directly, not just the symptoms of the problem.

While all of the steps contained in this guide are highly effective in preventing acne, we have created a detailed report that highlights prevention and treatment techniques that are highly effective in resolving acne on a permanent basis. If you would like to have access to this guide, you may visit us today at: => http://www.CureYourAcneToday.com

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