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Severe Acne Treatment and The Severe Side Effects

Posted at April 8th, 2021 | Categorised in Acne Treatment

For those of you who have suffered from severe acne know how troublesome, painful and embarrassing this condition can be.

You also know that most of the severe acne treatment methods also have one or more pretty severe negative side effects.


Which make getting a severe acne treatment as bad as the acne itself. Let’s consider some of the severe acne treatment methods, the risks they pose and the possible side effects.

Oral Antibiotics for Severe Acne Treatment

As you probably know oral antibiotics are used for fighting infections and since acne is infected oral antibiotics are used as a severe acne treatment.

You probably also know that over-using oral antibiotics can lead to the destruction of helpful bacteria in various parts of your body and allow for the destructive bacteria to take over causing all sorts of illnesses and conditions.

Since treating severe acne takes months or even years and flare ups can occur again and again this means that you are pumping a lot of antibiotics into your system and are at more and more risk for other types of illnesses that may be even more serious than the acne.

Oral Contraceptives for Severe Acne Treatment

Oral contraceptives are often used as a severe acne treatment in the hopes of bringing hormones back into balance. Using oral contraceptives for this purpose has only met with limited success but, increases your risk of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.

Drainage and Surgery

Drainage and Surgery are often used on individual cysts when they become large and inflamed and are at risk of rupturing.

While drainage and surgery are used as a severe acne treatment in the hopes of preventing scaring the fact is that this procedure may well cause the scarring they hope to prevent.

Intercessional Corticosteroid Injection

Another treatment for severe acne is intersessional corticosteroid injections these injections shrink the cysts but have a ton of negative side effects with them including: blurred vision and dizziness, pain in the chest, trouble swallowing, depression, diarrheal and bleeding and a host of other side effects as well. Any of these side effects could lead to serious medical conditions.


Since All Acne Stems from The Same Cause Shouldn’t the Same Treatment Work on All Acne?

Logic should tell you that since all acne stems from the same cause that the same treatment should work on all forms of acne no matter how severe or mild that acne may be.

So why then is severe acne treated differently than milder forms and why do these treatments carry with it so many risks?

The answer is simple the treatments for mild acne really aren’t effective which allows the acne to get worse and worse until severe acne results.

In order, to prevent the condition from worsening any more most dermatologists take an extremely serve approach to the treatment of severe acne often causing even more serious problems and putting their patience at risk.

One Cause, One Solution for Severe Acne Treatment

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